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'Ecos' 2022,

bianca turner + neo muyanga

audiovisual installation

9 minutes loop, 2022

Galeria Luciana Brito



The audiovisual installation is a dialogue of eleven minutes of musical composition by Neo Muyanga and two video-projections by Bianca Turner, occupying the environment through two channels with the same video projected simultaneously on the front wall and on the floor of the room - this last version is the result of the original recording reproduced over an aquatic reflection -, in sync with a quadriphonic sound installation, whose piano sound is emitted from the four corners of the space.

Based on cartographies drawn by members of the Demarcation Commission at the end of the 18th century, Turner searched Google maps for current images of some of the most important rivers in Brazilian territory, focusing on the territorial project that began for centuries on the coast and continues to the present, into Brazil, in a rampant invasion that reaches the apex of its dispute in the lands of the Amazon Forest today.

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