Multimedia action of the artist typewriting an audio leaked on May 25, 2016, which is the conversation between politic Renan Calheiros and business man Sérgio Machado,  which in its 20 minutes covers many fronts of the Brazilian political crisis of 2016 with the 'Lava-Jato' and the impeachment of the president Dilma Roussef.

The artist types on a typewriter and there is a large-scale projection, in a different room, of the words that are typed, and the conversation amplified. Because it is not possible to keep up with the rhythm of the conversation, the transcription retains only the key words thus forming re-readings and poetry from the audio. This installation represents the artistic practice for revisiting the past and thus revisiting the present, for suggesting that events like this continue to happen.


multimedia action

22 minutes, 2016

Projeto Fissura