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5 minutes, 2019

Galeria Luciana Brito


TransArt Institute

Symposyum 2020




Understanding and perceiving the process of territorialization as a principle and an action fundamentally structured in patriarchy, ‘covering’ is a film that relates the appropriation of Earth and its cartography to the attempt to ‘dominate’ women.

The Male domination over the Earth, silencing its nature and its original culture, and renaming its surface through maps and impositions, excludes its abyssal and chthonic primordial nature.

To illustrate this relation, ’covering’ narrates the wedding ceremony between Heaven and Earth, (a Babylonian myth by Pherecydes of Syros, VI B.C.), superimposed on cartographies from the period of the initial Portuguese domination over the Amerindian lands, between 1400 and 1550.

The film expands to the understanding of maps as a way of dimensioning, obtaining, owning, over others; which can be symbolized by the arrival of the Portuguese but also occurs in individual relationships and in disputes over lands that continue today. Is this natural to human behavior?

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