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'The one pole is determined, while the other is indeterminate; and between them is movement, the principle of motion' Joseph Beuys.

This piece is inspired by Joseph Beuys toughts and talks about art and the process of warmth in the creative realm.

Also based on his idea of things interpenetrating eachother.

Again I work with the idea of layers and memory. But here also there is the act of framing nature : trying to 'control' it and it flyes away. Movement, energy, relation between me and the leaves and an organic interaction.

'homage to Beuys (polarities)',

multimedia installation

15 minutes, loop, 2016

Arts, Letters & Numbers,

Averill Park, NY

Airez Gallery, Curitiba, Brazil

(Curitiba Biennial 2017)


homage to Beuys, multimedia installation, 2016
homage to Beuys, multimedia installation, 2016
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