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Bianca Turner (1984) works across various mediums such as video, video art, video performances, video installations, expanded cinema, audiovisual actions, urban interventions, and video mapping. Her research delves into the idea of the archive being an imperialist imposition and explores the expansion of time-space through the use of audiovisual resources and video projection in relation to the human body.

Bianca Turner holds a BA in 'Design and Performance Practice' from Central Saint Martins (2011, London) and a Master's in "Scenography" from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2013, London).

Some highlights from her career include her participation in BIENALSUR, in the exhibition 'Ese Frágil Equilibrio' in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2023) and the exhibition 'Mulheres em Luta! Archives of Political Memory' at the Memorial of Resistance of São Paulo, Brazil (2023). She also collaborated with Neo Muyanga and Collective Legítima Defesa for the opening performance of the 34th São Paulo Biennial in 2020, at the Verbo Festival of Performance Art in 2022 and 2018 (Vermelho Gallery), at the 40th Arte Pará and the 1st Salon of Art of Goiás in 2022 (MAC); at the 46th SARP (MARP) in 2021, at the SSA Mapping Festival in 2018 and 2023, at the 50th Salon of Contemporary Art Luis Sacilotto, in Brazil.
She has participated in 'Corpo Poético Político' at Portas VilaSeca Gallery in 2020, and 'Fauna, Flora, Primavera' at Luciana Brito Gallery in 2022, both curated by Fernando Mota. Additionally, she has won awards at three art events, including the 36th Salon of Art of Jacarezinho in 2021, the 18th Salon Ubatuba of Visual Arts in 2022, and the SSA Mapping in 2023, where she was presented with a Technical Jury award.

Giselle Beiguelmann's publication ‘August-Impulso Historiográfico' mentions the work of Bianca Turner. This publication was commissioned for the exhibition 'Meta-Arquivo 1964-1985' at SESC Belenzinho in São Paulo, which was curated by Ana Pato. Giselle's publication is the first-ever translation of Hal Foster's influential essay 'An Archival Impulse' from October magazine. The translation was contextualized for Brazilian artistic production to discuss the use of archival research and the materialization of archives in art.




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