My artwork takes place in connection with time. Time passing; time as mechanism, time as vertical and not horizontal; I believe that being in the present is also to be in the past and in the future, as we are changing the way we understand and co-create the past and also changing the future by our actions in the present.

My artistic work explores memory that is created in the present. From the evocation of memory through objects, stories or images that trigger the past, that can take us back in time, into a deep dive into our own history that is so private but also so collective.

I work mainly making multimedia installations, relating video and sound to objects (and often THE BODY) that trigger memory, that counter balance the projected image creating layers of meaning, a dialogue between the present and what could have been, or coming to-be. 

Regardless of being a personal memory or collective, my gaze always ends up looking to explore layers of space-time, and questions as the evocation of memory through objects and the subjectivity of memory.

What is art for? If not to help us revisit our history and change the way we see our present. 

My artworks are mainly multimedia installations but the praxis of my creative process includes live multimedia experimentations. Very often the process becomes the work itself, therefore, the artwork is a live action / performance, such in my last piece ‘Rastreando’, which is a live action of 20 minutes of me drawing with white chalk on top of images that are projected into a blackboard.

In my creative process I document my experimentations with a camera, so I can see my body in process of creation, and part of my artistic research is on the process as an ephemeral act and the documentation of that action becoming the artwork itself. As I work with memory, I see the creative process as a valuable past for an artist, which often holds precious moments of insights, so I work on having those moments open to the audience;

It is the boundary of a performance, as it doesn’t have the intention to be such, that is why I call it an ‘action’.

One action within many other actions, consists the creative process of an artwork; and that could became the artwork itself. 

So, although I do a lot of laptop studio-based work – I need experimentation and live action to be able to deepen my practice.