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'o agora ou os infinitos caminhos a Deus',

multimedia action

10 minutes, 2017

Galeria Portas VilaSeca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pilotenkueche , Leipzig, Germany

Unibes Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil




'o Agora ou os infinitos caminhos a Deus' ('the Now ot the infinite paths to God') is a live multimedia action, in the infinite search for the 'Now', the present moment.

It's a piece that turns into action the artists quests into time, present, past and future, crossed with W. Benjamin writings on time, and his ideas of 'constellations'.

It consists on a projected real-time clock in which the artists marks and follows the pointer of second, until the big stick of charcoal is over - it can last from 10 minutes until 15 minutes.

The action is performed in the opening night and what is left of it is the charcoal drawing and the video that documents the action standing next to it.

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