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'Rastreando’ (Tracking), 2016, is a multimedia performance.

Due to recent events in Brazilian politics in 2016, I found myself reading newspaper headlines that seemed very similar to newspaper headlines published in 1964, the year of a military coup in Brazil, and that got my interest. I started exploring this theme by projecting these headlines in a blackboard and drawing with chalk on it, as a live action. The result is traces that are often overlooked, that created an ephemeral image of my interpretation of the past in the 'now'. This work conveys political issues that are dealt with, in an aesthetic way, and the viewer is challenged to think critically in the politics of memory.

I explore memory  as being created in the present. Memory embedded in stories or images that trigger the past, taking us back in time, diving into our own history, that is private but also collective. 


multimedia action

17 minutes, 2016

Mostra Verbo, Galeria Vermelho


'Nova Arte Política', FLC

Galeria a Céu Aberto

Agência AQKA

Arte 5 Londrina

Instituto Tomie Ohtake,  MOLA

Red Bull Station

Arts, Letters & Numbers, NY


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