8 minutes, 2018

Galeria Portas Vilaseca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mostra Verbo, Galeria Vermelho, 2018

Arte 7 Londrina, Londrina, Paraná

Galeria Airez, Curitiba, Paraná



‘uma’, is a video that documents an action : my body starts painted in white, as a screen for the projected image of a slideshow of all the Brazilian presidents, since 1889 when Brazil became a Republic.

Little by little, I clean my body, freeing myself from being a screen for their bodies so I can have my female body at last.

This video seeks to highlight the masculinization of positions of power. Since the creation of the Republic, we had only one woman in the presidency (who was impeached). Every decision we make that sustains our daily lives is deliberated by wealthy men. Our feminine bodies remain at the mercy of these decisions.

'uma', vídeo, 2018, bianca turner
'uma', vídeo, 2018, bianca turner
'uma', vídeo, 2018, bianca turner