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'Aquífera', 2020

obra audiovisual  ao vivo


Centro Cultural Olido

"Aquífera" is a musical and visual performance composed by the collaboration between artists Sandra-X and Bianca Turner, who come from other audiovisual collaborations. In the repertoire are traditional Orixás songs mixed with Sandra-X's own compositions and partnerships with other musicians and poets. In the visuals Bianca explores the gaps for the transformation of a space as prosaic as the living room of a house into a portal for the live audiovisual experience.

An "aquifer" stores groundwater and emanates it into wells and springs. This land that makes up what is called an aquifer is a set of porous and permeable rocks capable of retaining water and yielding it. Higher layers are the discharge areas of this reserve, the ex-emergencies, places where water courses start.

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