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'o que seria dessa terra se ao invés de

The Cross is found on the beaches of the entire Brazilian coast as a territorial imposition, of catechesis and conquest. To be considered human, you would have to be civilized and for that, to be catechized.
I'm interested in reversing the memoricide. What if, instead of erasing indigenous and black records and registers, the Cross was the one to be erased? What could be the cultural and physical scenario if there were no crosses on our coast? What sort of existances, of freedom, of languages, what colors would exist in that same territory?
The video ‘What would this Land be if, instead of?’ Is the result of these inquiries. In it, I erase the crosses of historical photographs, producing in this erasure, a drawing that would be a utopian non-Cartesian map, which traces other lines, other encounters, other narratives and possibilities, in the absence of the Cross.

'o que seria dessa Terra se, ao invés de?',

‘What would this Land be if, instead of?’ '


7 minutes, 2021

Kaaysá Art Residency

36° Salão de Arte de Jacarezinho -

(awarded work)
Residência Kaaysá



'o que seria dessa terra se ao invés de
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