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'palingenesia' means resurrection, means life after death, rebirth. 

This is a 'object-specific' installation. My starting point was the slides projector, without slides. 

I saw it as a manifestation / materialization of the life cycle : the light keeps turned on, but the frames change in rotation : on an infinite cycle. 

Each frame is an incarnation. 

When the slide's frame changes, the video projection on the wall can be seen : a heart pumping life non - stop. 

The rhythm of the heart in tune with the rhythm of the slides projector changing its frames; The rhythm of life and its infinite cycles. 

'palingenesia (ETIM gr. paliggenesía,as 'rebirth, esp. ressurrection)',

multimedia installation



Galeria Luciana Brito

Instituto Tomie Ohtake, MOLA




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