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'what's on a girl's mind',

multimedia action

12 minutes, 2017

'Formas de voltar pra casa', São Paulo, Brazil'

Pilotenkueche , Leipzig, Germany

FindeArte III, DAHAUS, São Paulo, Brazil

Mulheres na Travessa II, Pompéia, SP, Brazil




We are all imprisoned by what a woman is supposed to be like - an image that is created and sustained by adverts and by the media. 

This action is a recollection of adverts from the 50s, 60s and 70s that are evidence and background to how we think we should be and what men expect us to be.

Nevertheless being antique, this adverts were from one or two generations behind us, that said, we can imagine how these images are still on the collective unconscious until now, specially because of their similarity to the adverts and magazine covers from nowadays.

During the action I project the images into a mirror and mark with lipstick the women's mouths. its a way to relate to them, recognize them in me, shut their mouths, and create layers of interpretation as one image follows the other.

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